Self-Portrait of Gib Strange by Michaelangelo (a podcast appearance)

I made a new friend. Here’s my talk with writer/artist/psychedelic trickster The Ungoogleable Michaelangelo:

Audio gets fuzzy at times from the 20—40 min marks. If you can’t tolerate it, just skip ahead. Despite technical difficulties interrupting the natural conversation flow, we managed to make a good connection. We’re investigating a lot of the same territory in our work and have a similar appreciation for paradoxical inversions and acrobatic associations. Michaelangelo gets it, and, as you’ll hear in the hilarious intro, he does a pretty good impression of me. Or rather, he does a good parody of my parody of myself 😉

Ghost Hunting Video

Dear listeners, readers (and soon to be viewers), I have created a NUV YouTube channel with video clips for excerpts from the audiobook. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! I only have 9 subscribers. It’s sad. In honor of Halloween, I’ve just posted 2 new videos of the ghost hunting bit from the chapter The Invisible Script. They are 3:45 each. I couldn’t decide which suited the spirit of the piece more, so this is a kind of choose your own misadventure. The “haunting version” is spooky, abstract, and immersive, while the “hunting version” is funnier and more accessible. Maybe I will leave them both up and whichever has the most likes/views by Halloween is the one that stays. A little healthy competition.

Hope you’re all well out there in ghostland.

TV Knows No Night

Check out my conversation on The Liminalist with host Jasun Horsley, in which we finally get to the bottom of it all! From the face to face lie to the big faceless lie we face daily . . . From the dark void to the first fire . . . Ignore the pic—I was having a bad hair year.


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