15. Uncanny Valley Thanksgiving

“Is the star of The Truman Show suffering from the Truman Show delusion? Have culture and reality finally merged into one, trapping us in a feedback loop? What happens when reality doesn’t show up to the reality show?”

00:00 —On misnomers and false maps…

04:06 —Elevator Riders on the Storm

11:42 —Is Tomorrow a Virgin?

14:15 —A walk with Jesus…

17:26 —Notes on the Mandela Effect

22:51 —Late night at the grocery store self-checkout

30:52 —Zombie Ants

32:50 —Behind The Doors

43:00 —Notes on Dissociation as Enlightenment

50:49 —The Day Before Thanksgiving

54:56 —The Terrarium

57:30 —The Last Laugh

65 minutes

“Time After Time,” by Hiroshi Yoshimura, “On a Clear Day You Can See Forever,” by Robert Goulet, “Baby (slowed down 800 percent)” by Justin Bieber, “Riders on the Storm,” by The Doors, “Blown-Out Joy from Heaven’s Mercied Hole” by A Silver Mt. Zion, “Unseen Forces” by Justin Walter, “#3” by Aphex Twin, “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” by Simple Minds, “New Space Music,” by Brian Eno, “Everybody’s Talkin'” by Harry Nilsson, “Able-Bodied Seamen,” by Jonny Greenwood, “Disintegration Loops” by William Basinki, “Mad World (slowed down 800 percent)” by Gary Jules, “An Ending (Ascent),” by Brian Eno, “Thursday Afternoon,” by Brian Eno, “#3” by James Devane

14. Autumn is Nature’s Striptease

“I’ve noticed that the last socially acceptable form of discrimination is astrological prejudice. Stereotyping based on gender, race, or sexual orientation is frowned upon, but it’s completely okay to say, ‘I’ll never date another Scorpio, because they’re evil, promiscuous, two-faced, jealous little bitches.’”

0:00 —A Failed MacGuffin

4:37 —The Library

12:14 —Hannah

17:40 — Autumn Leaves

19:45 — Late Night in the Community Room

30:22 — Chat with the chatty Sagittarius on the balcony

44:46 —Job Interview

61 minutes

“Time After Time,” by Hiroshi Yoshimura, “Beeps,” by Gib Strange, “Poa Alpina” by Biosphere, “An Ending (Ascent),” by Brian Eno, “Thursday Afternoon” by Brian Eno, “Gymnopédie No. 1” by Erik Satie, “Nowhere Man,” by The Carpenters, “#3” by Aphex Twin, “Of Cities and Escape,” by The Poppy Family, “Neroli,” by Brian Eno, “Something Blue,” by Hiroshi Yoshimura, “#3” cover by James Devane, “New Space Music,” by Brian Eno, “The Universal,” by Blur

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, dear reader and listener.


I have a couple updates—first, the manuscript is finally finished. It’s nearly twice the length that it was when I recorded these episodes last year. And now I am back to seeking a publisher. I had taken down some old episodes, as I thought having too much up might decrease its chances of getting published. But I’ve changed my mind and will be putting some of the old episodes back up over the next week. Today Episode 2: Plato’s Cave-In has been reinstated.


I have also cleaned up the website a bit. There’s a nice shiny Itunes logo now. You’re welcome. And after a couple people reached out asking how they could support my work, I decided to add a Paypal donate button. All donations will go toward new episode recording and possibly publishing.


Huge thanks to Darren Westlund, Jasun Horsley, and Dennis McBride for the very nice blurbs on the home page. I’ve also added a tag line under the title banner. It reads, “SETI to yeti. Do you copy? Over.” What do you think? Here are some of the other contenders—


“Is that your life flashing before your eyes, or are you just scrolling through your phone?”


“Do you feel as if you are observing yourself from the outside, looking inside?”


“Toddler to Siri: ‘I love you.’ Siri responds.”


What line from the book do you think belongs up there?


Today as I was listening to Episode 2 for the first time since I recorded it I was struck by how sad I sound. Jasun Horsley calls it my “Eeyore voice.” And I also heard a live reading recently—the difference is subtle but consequential. At 3 AM when you’re alone with the machine reading words for the millionth time it’s hard to recreate the natural energy you feel when actually connecting with people in real time. Someday I would like to rerecord the full version of the book with an engineer to worry about the tech, and maybe even a live audience to exchange energy with. But for now, this is it.


I’m also thinking of making more videos. Probably readings of short pieces unrelated to this project. What do you think? Did anyone watch the Halloween video?


Feel free to reach out to say hello and offer feedback. Someone told me there was a problem where it wouldn’t allow them to comment or email but I think I’ve fixed it. Thanks to everyone for listening, writing reviews, and sending encouraging words and support. I really appreciate it.


Happy solstice. May you get through the coming market-sanctioned, culturally designated time for love without killing loved ones.




Gib and Stranger



Happy Holidays

Thank you for listening. I hope you have enjoyed the series. I will be putting the final episode of Notes from the Uncanny Valley up this week.

Please share on your social medias and if you have an apple account, you’d be doing me a big favor by visiting the itunes page and giving Notes a good rating. If enough people do, it will display an average rating and I’m told this will help to get it “out there.”


Also, feel free to reach out and let me know of your existence. What’s life like for you?

Happy Holidays to you and your cats.