10. The Healthy Skeptic

“This is an irony you couldn’t get away with in fiction—socially impaired programmers creating social media environments for society to socialize within. And the irony doesn’t stop there. Grandin points out that the programmers require intense concentration to look at information for long periods of time. Meanwhile, the technology and media they create distract and fragment people’s attention. Even Grandin, whose condition is characterized by an inability to recognize irony, recognizes this irony.”

0:00 —Intro: You’re not a hoarder, not if you can put it in order…

01:00 —Notes on weaponized autism

12:15 —Alone at the Social Skills Group Therapy

19 minutes

“Witchs Will” by Wilburn Burchette and “No Riders” by Pye Corner Audio

2 thoughts on “10. The Healthy Skeptic

  1. The segment with the counselor where you count the number of selves in the room, inner & outer, is quite masterful. What does that leave when left with the realization that there is no definable experience of self that matches any of society’s criteria for selfness?

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  2. Thanks, Jasun! It was a fun bit to map out. There is no self! And now that I’ve finally reached my premature transcendence, I plan to parade my obnoxious enlightenment/dissociative coping mechanism at media events!!!


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