10. The Healthy Skeptic

 . . . a graphic of two faceless cartoon figures communicating via tin cans and a string.

19 minutes

“Witchs Will” by Wilburn Burchette and “No Riders” by Pye Corner Audio

2 thoughts on “10. The Healthy Skeptic

  1. The segment with the counselor where you count the number of selves in the room, inner & outer, is quite masterful. What does that leave when left with the realization that there is no definable experience of self that matches any of society’s criteria for selfness?

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  2. Thanks, Jasun! It was a fun bit to map out. There is no self! And now that I’ve finally reached my premature transcendence, I plan to parade my obnoxious enlightenment/dissociative coping mechanism at media events!!!


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