6. Sound Reasoning

Sound travels funny in these apartments. What sounds like it’s coming from one side is often coming from the other side.

17 minutes

“1979” by Deru and “Blown-Out Joy from Heaven’s Mercied Hole” by A Silver Mt. Zion

3 thoughts on “6. Sound Reasoning

  1. i’ve noticed the tendency of people to dismiss people and events because they don’t believe in the motives of those involved, which is quite bizarre if you think about it (which you obviously have), as if not believing in Satan means not believing in Satanists. Maybe it has to do with how much we identify with our own beliefs, to the point that we feel like we don’t quite exist without them, ergo, we can’t really believe anyone could believe anything different from what we believe, and if they do, they don’t really exist…. If so, this principle may be being consciously exploited by the perpetrators of “satanic” ritual abuse, to give an obvious, (if extreme) example.


  2. Interesting about ideology shaping one’s reality—as well as, and probably even as a result of, excluding the realities of others. I think that would certainly be exploited by people—it’s like having a built in cover. Maybe something you get into in Prisoner of Infinity? Definitely something similar happening in UFO culture. It comes with a giggle factor that protects it and allows it to go places.


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