7. Interpreting the Interpreters

Who is this God that keeps sending wounded messengers? Is this God deranged? Or are the codes getting scrambled in some kind of cosmic game of telephone?

0:00 —The Day the Sirkis Took Over

01:00 —Crow-nies in the park

03:27 —Notes on the stenographer and the sign-language interpreter

09:03 —Escape from Reality Island: memoirs of a night logger

12:23 —Notes on the unreality show

17:52 —The child knows what no one can unknow…

21:10—The old man dream

22 Minutes

“Unseen Forces” and “Following” by Justin Walter, “Kontakte” by Karlheinz Stockhausen, “Spiral Insana” by Nurse with Wound, “Untitled” by Constance Demby, and “Pathologically Bored” by Deru

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